Decorative Concrete Costs

Variables Affecting Decorative Concrete Costs

Square Footage

The size of your project is an important factor in price per square foot. In general the larger your project, the lower the price per square foot. We have a minimum square footage of 500 SF for decorative concrete projects. There is no minimum for countertops or accessories. Projects over 1000 SF will have lower prices per square foot than are outlined below. Please call for special pricing for large projects!


We serve clients across state lines into Alabama and Georgia. Our mobilization costs will be factored in to your project estimate. These include costs for fuel based on mileage from our headquarters.

Access/Site Characteristics

Access to your job site is a big factor. We may need access for equipment like trailers, grinders, engraving equipment and more. If you job is interior we need to consider stairs and/or elevators for our equipment if the site is not on ground level.


Spalling concrete or cracked concrete will require repair prior to refinishing and repair costs will vary depending on the condition. Repair costs are not included in the estimates below. Special care needed to protect existing landscaping or structures may also add to your cost.

Weather Conditions

Temperature and moisture are big factors that affect how long it will take to complete your project. Concrete takes much longer to cure and/or dry in cold, wet conditions. Some outdoor jobs that can be completed in one day during the summer, might take multiple trips during colder weather, thus increasing your cost.

Complexity of Finish

More complex patterns, colors and finish options will add to your cost. Extra charges for custom saw cuts/engraving, hand-staining, accent medallion stamps, and other specialty finishes will apply.

Other Factors

There are many other factors that can affect the cost for your project. Please inform us of any special circumstances that will affect your project.

Decorative Concrete Cost Ranges

The cost estimates below are ranges for residential projects under 1000 SF. Remember, there are many variables affecting cost, so please call to understand costs for your specific situation. If you have a commercial project, please call for commercial pricing.

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