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Whether you need new a completely new stained concrete surface or just need to repair old ones will do the best work for the best price. With years of experience we have the know how to help you with your project.

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If you would like to make a great first impression, having skilled professionals apply a stained concrete finish, this can be a great way to protect and restore your concrete surfaces. When it comes to stained concrete, Chattanooga's businesses and homeowners choose Concrete Coatings for any of their stained concrete needs.

's experienced stained concrete area craftsmen can set your floor apart with a distinctive, and elegant concrete flooring alternative that can complement any residential or commercial application. With your needs and preferences in mind, our concrete stain pros can draw upon industry best practices and what we have learned over almost two decades in the decorative concrete business to make your vision a reality. When selecting a skilled stained concrete contractor, Chattanooga's business and homeowners turn to Concrete Coatings to deliver durable, low maintenance, cost-effective and attractive flooring solution.

Stained concrete can give your space a distinctive look at an affordable price. Prior to performing a concrete staining service, the professionals at Concrete Coatings conduct a thorough examination and flooring removal of any materials on your current surface that could compromise the process. The removal of substances such as dirt, glues, existing concrete coatings, grease, concrete sealer or existing stained concrete, is an essential step to achieving your desired outcome. Our experts can advise you on the right embedded floor logo or concrete overlay to compliment your space, one that is both classic and contemporary and also protects your visitors from falls and other injuries.

Ready to get started? Call us or fill out our Contact form. Once we have the opportunity to learn more about your stained concrete project, including your desired timeline and budget, we will send a free, no-obligation quote. When we hear back from you that the estimate has been approved, we will touch base with you to review the project details so that we can get you on our schedule. We'll keep in touch throughout the project so that you are kept up-to-date and so that we can complete the project on time and on budget.

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  • The highest quality products - let's take your concrete projects to the next level.
  • Quality Control - Management is hands-on throughout the project, if any problems or issues arise they can be dealt with immediately.
  • Nonstop communication - The key to the success of your project is good communication. From the beginning of a project to its end, our company places a high priority on listening to you, your needs and wishes.

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